Created by Catherine Roscoe Barr,

The Life Delicious is a simple and efficient template based on neuroscience and mindfulness to help you hardwire habits that best serve your life.


Our proprietary curriculum includes powerful, in-depth modules on:

1. Mindset

2. Movement

3. Nutrition

4. Sleep

5. Connection 


Our CORE VALUES are education, empowerment and implementation – which we provide through:

PRIVATE COACHING: Work with Catherine one-on-one via Skype

GROUP RETREATS: Led by Catherine at luxury properties around the world

CORPORATE WORKSHOPS: Boost your business by elevating your people

KEYNOTE SPEECHES: Inspire your audience to take positive action 


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What alumni are saying about The Life Delicious...

Our Wellness Retreats

are designed to help fill your battery so full it overflows into your business and life!

Together, we'll create a personalized strategy for your elevated, expansive and empowered success. 

Join Catherine Roscoe Barr, BSc Neuroscience and wellness coach – with an incredible tribe of comrades – for an immersive, enthusiastic exploration into stress management, positive psychology, self-care, sleep hygiene, physical activity, nutrition for body, mind and spirit, plus so much more!

In my own pursuit of happiness,

I designed a set of wellness rituals that changed my life in the most incredible and seemingly magical ways. These habits were so simple and satisfying to practice, I knew I couldn’t keep them to myself – so I created The Life Delicious, founded on a curriculum of carefully curated lessons and activities that I’d be honoured and excited to share with you.

The science of health, happiness and productivity

can radically change your life if put into practice, and is founded on simple principles that reap huge rewards. Taking charge of my physical and mental health has changed my life so profoundly that I’m compelled to share my knowledge and experience with organizations hungry for transformation.